• Recycling on all sites
  • Green unit raising public awareness
  • Reduction at source by using electronic registration forms and by promoting them throughout the target audience.
  • Use of recycled paper for all documents used within the organisation
  • Carbon well credit



  • Within the framework of the Réjean-Huard challenge, La Classique registered athletes join handicapped children to navigate approximately 6 miles in professional C2 watercrafts for a friendly race.
  • McCormick fund used to promote and value canoeing sports whilst assuring a take-over.
  • Organization of My First Classique, a small race available that encourages people of all ages to learn about the sport of canoeing with the goal adopting a healthier lifestyle.
  • Citizen involvement by counting on over 150 volunteers
  • Promotes the creation of jobs in regions by creating career opportunities for young professionals.



  • La Classique encourages local economy by considering a purchase policy favoring local products and suppliers
  • Development of partnerships with local companies
  • Economic benefits on the entire Mauricie region

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